Black Friday Marketing Madness. Are You Taking Advantage?


Think that as a smaller business you’re going to be left behind this season? Think again! With pumpkins now lining landfills the last remnants of fireworks fizzing out, there’s still one major event that businesses...

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Social Voice – should brands engage in social issues?


How important is it for brands to engage in social issues? Revive investigates, in our latest post. With the internet and social media ever booming, it’s becoming more and more important for individuals to express...

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Understanding Branding – The Power of a Good Brand


Whilst many see a ‘brand’ as a name and logo, it’s so much more. Find out all you need to about branding, and the importance of getting it right. When it comes to branding not...

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What is AI Marketing?


With technology constantly advancing, artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of digital marketing. Find out all about AI marketing, right here. Technology seems like it’s constantly moving forward. With facial verification and virtual assistants...

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Video Marketing – have you invested in it?


Video marketing is rapidly becoming the way forward, so have you started investing in it yet? Find out everything you need to from the Revive team. Video marketing is the way forward. Think about when...

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What is Social Media Marketing?


Looking to find out more about social media marketing? Well, you’re in the right place. Find out the basics of SMM, right here. We realise we’re always banging on about social media, but it’s because...

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Web Design – A Brief History


Learn all about the evolution of web design across the world in this post. Now, we may or may not have mentioned that we’ve been around, working in digital things, for a while now. Just...

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What Makes Good Web Design?


Confused about how you can stand out in this digital jungle? Fear not. We’ve got a blog post to set you on the right path. We could write a blog post the length of War...

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Digital Marketing Jargon Guide


Our no nonsense, fully free, explanation of digital marketing jargon. To better understand what we offer, and find out a little more about the world of digital marketing. Isn’t it annoying when you’re looking at...

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Content Marketing – why you need it


For years, content marketing has battled for its place in the world of digital marketing. If you’re not convinced of its worth, READ OUR POST. Ah, content marketing. No one, except for those working in...

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Digital Marketing Agency Roles


Ever wondered how your digital marketing agency operates? Who does what? And who are the people that make your marketing strategy run smoothly, effectively and fruitfully? Find out all about digital marketing agency roles, right...

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Is Google following you?


Google has been tracking user’s location even when they’ve had it turned off… Find out the full story, below. Where have you been:   Oh dear… first we had the Facebook data scandal and now this....

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Apps – Why you need one


Apps have been around for a good few years now, but they’re still widely popular and key for your business. Find out all about them in our post. The infamous App. The three-letter word that...

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Your Digital Marketing Agency – What to Expect


Looking for a digital marketing agency to assist you in your marketing efforts? Aren’t sure what you should be looking for? Look no further. We’ve got everything you should expect from your digital marketing agency....

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Green Marketing and Branding – The Ultimate Guide


Environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important to both brands and their consumers. So, what is green marketing? Find out, right here. Blue Planet II. A series that sparked a world-wide mission to rid the oceans...

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It’s coming home memes – The Social Media Phenomenon


With France winning the World Cup Final – Football did not come home… See the rise of the ' it's coming home' meme and how creating engaging and topical content can do wonders for your...

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Smartphone Design – Making your phone ‘better’ for you


Your Smartphone - With more and more people becoming addicted to their smartphones, we’re looking at how design and development can help make scrolling through your phone a little less compulsive. Okay, hands up. How...

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Facebook & Brand Recovery


After the Cambridge Analytica events earlier this year, Facebook have come out with their largest advertising campaign to date. But, why? Find out in this post. Facebook. They really put their foot in it earlier...

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IGTV – The Ultimate Guide to Instagram’s Newest Video Feature


Instagram’s new video platform, IGTV, has just been released. If you’re looking to learn all about it, you’re in the right place. With great anticipation and excitement, we’re pleased to announce that Instagram’s new video...

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Google’s New Marketing Platforms


Google has had a facelift - if you're not sure what that means for you or your search engine marketing, you're in the right place to find out. Google - friend to both users and...

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Videos – how long should they be?


Thinking about creating video content for your website and social media? Do you know how long the videos you’re creating should be? Find out right here! We keep banging on about social media and video...

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How to Boost Email Marketing Conversions & Engagement


Looking to make sure your email marketing efforts aren't wasted? Want to create emails that are opened, read and have the all links clicked on? Look no further! We’ve got all you need to know,...

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Instagram Growth Hacks


Looking to grow your following and boost engagement on Instagram? Then you need our top 5 Instagram growth hacks for your business! Yes, we’re back with another post about Instagram! You may wonder why we...

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Revive.Digital – all about our Brand


If you’re looking to learn a little more about Revive.Digital, you’re in the right place. You can watch our brand culture video here too! Lucky you. We are Revive.Digital Welcome to Revive.Digital. If you haven’t...

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