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Online Shop Development

E-commerce sites are amazing – they let you reach out across the world and sell your product to the furthest reaches – without having to have a bricks-and-mortar store. You can keep costs down while you grow, and grow quickly using clever digital marketing techniques. When an e-commerce site really works, there’s nothing more satisfying, or more liberating.

The opposite is also true. When an e-commerce website sits there, doing nothing, it’s horrible. You can have the best looking site in the world, with the best products at the best prices, but if no-one is buying, it’s soul destroying.

Great Online Shops

Revive build great e-commerce websites; we’ve done so many, seen what works, and just as importantly, seen what doesn’t work. We can advise you on the payment provider, the shopping cart solution, whether to use an existing system, or build something bespoke. Whether you are selling hand-crafted toys, yoga classes, or swimming pools – we analyse the market, and build you a tool that you can use to sell.

Measuring the Sales

As standard, we measure the number of sales per day/month. The average purchase price. The average number of purchases per buyer. The best selling product, and category of product. The best performing marketing campaign in both number of sales, and yield. We measure the gestation time between a first look (visit), and the final purchase. We measure attribution of sales – to paid marketing, social media, email, and organic visits. We measure cart/basket abandonment, and checkout drop-offs. We measure sales funnels, and user journeys. We monitor competitor pricing, and market share.

As standard.

And if you are serious about making it really work, we’ll go deeper.

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