Keeping up with the algorithm: social media updates for your radar in 2024


Each year sees lots of exciting social media updates making their way to pretty much every platform. Last year we saw Tik Tok become a search engine, we saw stricter controls on Instagram and of...

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Leveraging User Generated Content


Let’s say you’ve gone to Revive Animal Sanctuary. You’ve ‘snapped’ a picture of the alligators, posted it on Instagram and tagged the sanctuary @reviveanimals. That’s user generated content. When you’re home you leave a review…...

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Most Popular Social Media Networks (Updated for 2023) – Digital Marketing’s Most Powerful Tool


Understanding social media trends in the previous year and how SM can be the most effective digital marketing method available to your business in 2023. Social media is by far the most popular service available...

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On The Power of Earned Media


Earned media is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads. It's also one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, as it doesn't require...

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What is Effective Email Content?


It’s time to come up with some effective email content for the monthly newsletter. And there the problems start. Just the word ‘newsletter’ drives some companies to get all ‘Dear Valued Customer…’, create a 10,000-word...

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Understanding and Implementing the Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel)


If you are currently using Facebook or Instagram Ads, or plan on using them in the future, there's one important tool that you should start using straight away.  The Facebook Pixel, now the Meta Pixel,...

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What is Content Syndication in Digital Marketing?


In today's digital age, creating high-quality content has become essential to any successful marketing strategy. However, even the most engaging content can be ineffective if it doesn't reach the right audience. This is where content...

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Getting to Know Graduate Developer, Nigel


Nigel, Graduate Developer at Revive, sits down to talk with us about his surprising hobbies, his love for pasta and his strong feelings towards a certain kitchen appliance… “I don't really trust dishwashers,” he tells...

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He’s Clean Enough to Eat Your Dinner Off… Meet Revive SEO Exec Lee (Or Should That Be Wrink-Lee?)


Lee says that he spends the majority of his time rewatching The Big Bang Theory (he wants to be mates with Sheldon), he’d like Martin Freeman to play him in a film about his life,...

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Marketing Videos – The Other Side of the Lens


When clients come to us for marketing videos, we turn to a person who understands that special blend of visuals, sounds and editing; someone who can put the brick in Kubrick and the cock in...

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Meet Becky, Client Account Manager


In the first of a series of articles showcasing the life and loves of the team here at Revive, client account manager Becky gives us her thoughts on work, life and how many times you...

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Could You Use a Little Anti-Marketing?


On Black Friday every year you’ll probably be bombarded with sales messages.  You know the ones…  …that company you bought from back in 1842, the one you totally forgot to unsubscribe from… come Black Friday...

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When Do You Really Need a Rebranding Strategy?


Let's say you're in business. At some point you'll have considered rebranding. It comes up for all sorts of reasons; some valid, some risky, some ego-based. Sometimes it's not a rebrand you need at all....

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What will Black Friday look like in 2022?


With certain companies and customers boycotting the latest Black Friday, maybe it’s time to consider what Black Friday will look like in the future. Will we just walk past those sales? It’s not just about...

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How Digital Marketing Agencies Fit in the Age of AI and Automation


The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation has been a double-edged sword for many. On one hand, automation has streamlined and made people’s jobs easier, maybe less mundane or not as repetitive. On the...

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The Benefits of Having Your Digital Marketing Under One Roof


Are you a business owner and thinking about hiring an in-house team to handle your social media, SEO, PPC and web design? And are there benefits of having your digital marketing under one roof. While...

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Welcome to the Metaverse as Facebook Parent Company Becomes ‘Meta’


Mark Zuckerberg said he had been thinking about a rebrand since he bought Instagram in 2012. But after six months of super-secret work, the Facebook founder this week delivered Meta via the company’s annual Connect...

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Why Having an Ecommerce Website is More Important Than Ever


With more businesses than ever before trying to grab consumer's attention, how confident are you of hitting your targets and cutting through all of the digital noise this Black Friday? From start-ups to SMEs right...

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The Most Popular Content Management Systems


Content plays a huge role in the process of building your online presence. Without it, you're going to seriously struggle in today's increasingly competitive digital environment. In fact, digital marketing is one of the most...

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Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know About


Want to be seen as the expert in your field by staying ahead of the competition? These digital marketing trends will help expand your knowledge and keep you ahead of the game. Staying ahead in...

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It’s National Coding Week: Meet Darrian


‘No, it’s not about invisible ink and secret spy messages… ’ Darrian Swift told us when we asked her to talk code during National Coding Week. So, we swiftly (sorry) hid our copy of The...

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The Social Media Analytics Tools You Should Be Using


Do you know what time of day to post on Facebook to generate the most engagement? Or what kind of Instagram posts generate the most traffic to your website? Social media without analytics is like...

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Top 100 Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2021


You’ll find the best email marketing tools available – all 100 of them! We’ve gone into detail about our favourite 14 and why you should be using them too. Not got time to watch our...

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Ubiquity. The Best Way to Grow Your Brand??


Of course, you want to grow your brand… you're in business for profit, right? But how do you do it successfully in the real world? If you’re a small business it’s hard, and scientifically-speaking, this...

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