Hilson Moran

Hilson Moran

Hilson Moran is a building consultancy that focuses on creating sustainable design solutions.

With offices across the country and internationally, they design the elements that make future places thrive. Hilson Moran thinks about how they operate and age. And how people will use them.

As an interdisciplinary, international team, they think expansively and collaboratively from project inception to completion and beyond.

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Our primary goal was to showcase Hilson Moran’s expert consultancy more effectively.

In close collaboration with their team, we built a contemporary and fully responsive website.

The redesign naturally aligns with their current branding and ethos – highlighting these were vital – but it also reflects best practices in design, user experience and user journey.

To help keep users engaged, we integrated animations and on-scroll effects. These add a touch of flair and deliver information in an accessible and eye-catching way.

Navigating the website is now super easy. We enhanced the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), making it easier for anyone wanting to partner with Hilson Moran, to find exactly what they’re looking for.

And as a part of both our and Hilson Moran’s commitment to sustainability, we also host the site in an eco-friendly, 100% renewable energy data centre.

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