Spencer West

Spencer West

Spencer West is a fast-growing international Law Firm and needed to adapt quickly to the rapid pace of development of the business.

As such, there was a feeling that they had outgrown the existing website, and it would be sensible to rebuild.

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Spencer West came to us for a complete redesign and rebuild of their site. They wanted a website that is modern, easy-to-use and of course easy to manage internally.

To this we added SEO optimisation and usability – ensuring that the site ranks well in Google and can generate enquiries and leads for the consultant partners across the business.

The result is a digital space that mirrors Spencer West’s requirements, their vision and their purpose.
To engage users, we integrated animations and on-scroll effects. These elements were designed to make scrolling a compelling experience throughout the site.

We considered the user journey, optimising it for both desktop and responsive/mobile views.
What we designed was a premium experience for every visitor.

Finally, reflecting both Revive and Spencer West’s commitment to building sustainability into what both companies do, we hosted the site in our eco-friendly 100% renewable energy data centre.

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