Bespoke Systems

Software Development

Revive have a technical development team – a hit-squad of super-techs who can code their way out of just about any problem. We don’t put it out to India or Russia – not because there aren’t decent outsource companies, but because we prefer to keep things in-house – within the team.

We feel this approach to software development allows us to maintain code-quality standards, keep the end product quality high, control the timeline, and keep the costs sensible.

It also allows our technical team to collaborate closely with the design and marketing teams. We don’t have to schedule a scratchy Skype call to discuss the latest project – we just turn the chair around.

Database Integration

Most companies have a database of some sort. Whether that is just a list of customers, suppliers or prospects – or a full warehouse management system; often it isn’t being utilised fully.

We work with our clients to see their databases used to their full potential – maybe by making them available online; building a CRM, optimising processes, or integrating a number of separate systems.

Our technical ability means that if you can imagine it – we can almost certainly create it – and we are able to advise you on best practise, what will and won’t work.

Website Development

A lot of the technical work we do is on web-related projects. It might be something as simple as a bespoke eCommerce solution, or an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) integration – or a more bespoke development, such as a company intranet, or custom software solution.

One of the great things about Revive’s web development is that our technical team works closely with our design and marketing teams – which means your software project will look great, work well, and be compatible with all devices such as smart-phones and tablets.

Examples of custom web development might be getting your website to text message you when you get an enquiry, but only out-of-hours; or to automatically add customer leads into your CRM system.

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