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As a business, we always keep up with the latest marketing trends and strategies – the ones that work at least. Revive are a Google Certified PPC (pay per click) marketing agency. That’s pay-per-click advertising – which in its simplest form, is advertising in the Google search results, where you bid to appear top for keywords – and only pay when the customer ‘clicks’ your ad (you’re not charged for a ‘paid search’). The clue is in the name – pay-per-click! Our PPC campaigns are designed to be the most cost effective and efficient for your business’ success.

Revive's PPC Marketing

Search engines, like Google, can be difficult to get noticed on. But, marketing with Google AdWords can be incredibly effective. PPC advertising is a brilliant way of measuring and monitoring the leads for your business – you can track literally every pound spent, and the resulting business generated. Once you know the value of that business, you can work out what it will effectively cost to ‘buy a customer’. If this figure is sensible, you have a reliable, predictable marketing funnel that can generate customers whenever you need them.

Our Approach

We measure everything. We optimise the campaigns daily, perform keyword research, monitor negative keywords and analyse conversion rates – all focusing on getting you more business at a decreasing cost, through Google analytics. PPC marketing is not something that can be set up and just left to run – you have to optimise continually, particularly if you are in a competitive market. That’s why we offer PPC management, to monitor and track the campaign. Our entire marketing team works in sync to deliver effective online marketing that works for our clients.

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