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Why Revive

Our team have been building websites since 2001. When we started, screens were tiny, and were all similar shapes. Then screens got bigger and websites got fatter. Now screens have got tiny again as more and more people use their mobiles – and websites now have to adapt to both tiny screens and huge desktop monitors.

We’ve grown with the ever-changing digital landscape – and you benefit from the years of experience we have making websites work, regardless of the technology.

All Websites Are Not Created Equal

It’s a mistake to think that all websites are created equal. You can build a website easily yourself now – and for some start-ups, that’s all they need, at least until they grow. You can also find a designer who can whip you up a site over the weekend from a template. That’s not us.

We come in when companies need to have a serious presence that represents the quality of their company. We design each page – every layout, each image placement, and every line of text. We test our sites on different web-browsers and devices, and we make sure the site is easy to use.

Around 80 hours on average of expert time goes into a medium sized brochure website, including research, planning, design, layout, mock-ups, coding, build, testing and deployment.

Our Capability

As a full-service agency, we focus our teams on their strengths. While of course we have an understanding of complementary skills, our designers design, our developers code, our illustrators draw, and our copywriters write. Our marketers research and strategise – and it all fits together to produce the end result – your website, a website that works, and does what it’s actually supposed to do. That’s because the people who worked on it, really knew what they were doing.

Everything in digital changes – and we’ve changed with it. You have to – because what worked last year, is now out of fashion. New devices enter the market, and people’s’ behaviour changes, massively. The web is a very different place from when we started – but we’re still changing, so that what we create for you is relevant, and works.

Website Design Services


Find out how Revive do website differently, how we tailor your website to your business, and how we build in go-faster-marketing stripes.

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Bespoke Systems

If you have a (software) problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Revive’s tech team.

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Ecommerce Websites

An online shop will quite literally pay for itself. Whether you’ve got 10 physical shops, or starting your own bedroom empire, we can help.

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Mobile Apps

There’s an app for that! We can help get it out of your head, into a plan, then onto your phone. It’s not magic; it just feels like it.

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