Why are Revive Websites Different?

Revive are a digital marketing agency, based in Southend, helping clients across Essex and London by building great looking websites that work, then marketing them to drive customers and leads.

We started building websites in 2001 – back when you had to consider that many people were using slow dial-up internet connections, and had screens that supported only a few colours.

We’ve grown with the technology – we’re not the new kids on the block – and we certainly won’t be learning our trade on your project. Our websites work, because we know exactly what needs to go into a great website – because we’ve done it a hundred times before.

Bespoke, Each and Every Time

We build every website bespoke – we don’t use templates, and we’re not cutting-and-pasting the last project. This might seem unnecessary – but your project is not the same as the last one.

You are unique – your business is personal to you, and your website definitely shouldn’t be an off-the-shelf clone of a hundred others. We craft each website – each is built with your requirements in mind, designed to appeal to your customers.

Wearing a Marketing Hat

So many times, companies come to us and say, “I’ve had a website done, and now I want to market it” – which is all a bit backwards. It’s worth saying, we can help – but wouldn’t it be better to create the site with marketing ‘built in’?

When we build websites, we do it through the eyes of a digital marketing agency – it’s got to look good – that’s a given, but it’s got to work really well too – which means we need to understand the goal of the business first – not after the site is built.

It’s also got to be search engine friendly – and ideally rank well in Google out of the box. It’s got to be marketing-friendly – which means there are appropriate landing pages for any campaign you may run, and the language has got to be appropriate to the customer.

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