Print Design

Business Cards, Letterheads, Comp Slips

We love to design something great – then print it on everything. Whether it’s the card you give to your soon-to-be-customer, or the packaging for your exciting new product.

Maybe the coasters in your board room, the mugs in the tea room, the envelopes in the mail room. We design it all. Maybe your brochure, or your magazine, or your newspaper. Or just down to the humble flyer; we love print design, and it’s not going away anytime soon!

Don't let a Plumber change your Electrics

Print design is a skill. You have to understand colour – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key. That’s black, except it’s not. And bleeds. Nothing to do with blood. Stitching, and edges. Folds and page counts.

Design for print, not to be confused with printers that occasionally design (no offense). Or designers for screen who assume light works the same as ink. It doesn’t. Revive have been designing printed materials since our inception – and we know what works, what won’t waste your time, and what to expect from the printers.

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