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There’s an app for that

Have you ever thought of an idea so great, so perfect, that you’ve thought ‘I should make it into an app?’ Well, at Revive, we’re all about bringing ideas to life. We love building monile apps that will make your life, and the lives of your customers, easier.

Maybe you have an app idea you’d like to keep to just your company to give you that extra edge – not release into the public app stores. We can create bespoke apps just for you and load it onto your company phones.

No matter the app idea in your head, we’ll advise on how best to achieve it – and if it can be built,  we’ll get it done, We also start with a  project discussion, so and there’s no obligation to take things forward if you change your mind.

Fabulous clients we work with

Why we build mobile apps

We love to help our clients succeed, and a bespoke mobile app can be that little edge, or amazing new idea that moves things forward.

Whether it’s to make your company run more smoothly or even a brilliant idea that is a gold mine, we’re ready to build it for you.

Our aim is to deliver a product that we’re proud of, and more importantly, you’re proud of. You’ll be shouting from the rooftops about how much you love your app!

What do our clients say

"I have been using Revive since 2005 for our website builds and digital marketing. Not only do they build excellent websites with reliable back end technology they know how to get the best out of e-marketing. A team of experts who have the experience and knowledge to make your website and marketing work."

Ian Banks


So, if you’ve got an idea for a mobile app, get in touch! We’re ready to get your new project scheduled in and bring your app to life. Fill in our contact form with your questions and project, and we’ll be in touch.