Art and Design

There’s a fine line drawn between design and art – but design can be good or bad. Art just is. Illustration is the connection that allows your ideas to take life artistically as part of design. A picture can explain an idea much better than 2 paragraphs of text.

The best way to understand illustration is of course, to look at it. Revive love to draw, to paint; what starts as a quick sketched idea becomes the front of your next magazine, or a set of characters for your new brand.

Illustrating a Point

If you have an idea in your head; we can help get it out, onto paper. Then onto a screen. Then onto everything. There’s little more satisfying than seeing your idea, come to life, on a poster at a railway station, or embroidered on the company uniform.

“Everything is created twice – first in the mind, then in reality.”

Revive can help you take that idea in your mind, and turn it into a reality, something that lives, about which you can proudly declare, “I did that!”

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