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In this digital, multimedia world, video is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a vital part of your marketing strategy.

It’s because video is perfect for getting a wide range of messages across and getting your brand noticed. And social media practically demands it.

If you need video to work for your business Revive Digital can help. From expert interviews and explainers to product showcases and promotional messages, we’ll build you a dedicated video production strategy that boosts your business.

With our in-house team video is not outsourced and it’s never a one-size-fits all approach.

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From expert analysis to showing off your company culture, video attracts your audience in a way nothing else can. But more importantly it holds their attention too. And when it comes to social media channels most people expect to see a video. To increase your ‘likes’ you’ll need to use video.

And done properly, video goes beyond merely showcasing your culture, product or services too. There’s more to it than capturing attention or delivering information. Your videos can deliver other benefits:

  • + Boosts search engine optimisation (SEO) by generating links
  • + Increases your visitors’ time on page
  • + Lifts your conversions
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When it comes to learning about a new product or service, consumers prefer
watching videos over articles, infographics, ebooks, and presentations.

Video Services

Promotional video

Introduce Yourself to the World

Promotional videos can be a powerful advertisement for your brand or your product. Perhaps you want to highlight your organisation’s key objectives and goals, its mission statement or its values? Maybe you want to push your latest marketing campaign into the stratosphere? Let the world see the faces behind the services because people buy from people.

They’re great for engaging people in areas like your homepage or through social media.

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Testimonial video

Highlight Your Champions

Reviews are nothing new and testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools your business can use. But they can be so much more than text and star-based reviews.

We’ll create engaging testimonial videos that show the world how good you are. We can interview your clients or customers and cut these with additional footage to showcase the best of your business. They’ll give your product pages or social media another dimension.

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Brand video

Share Your Story

Every brand has a story, and a story should be told. Video is a great platform for storytelling that builds your brand and connects with your audience on an emotional level. You might be showing off the company culture to attract the best employees or promoting expert opinions to share with the world. Video is bang on for all these and more.

Our video production services create something that is timeless and resonant for your audience.

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how we work

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It’s here we unlock the ‘hows?’ and ‘whys?’ that allow us to build you a video strategy that truly amplifies your brand. Our video production services look deep into your business so we can really get under the skin of your brand and produce the content you need. As part of this process we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire too.

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After the discovery stage we’ll create the proposal and pitch our ideas. You’ll see why we do what we do. Get ready for the fun and creative side of our video production strategy, including storyboards, a shot list and that all-important script. And there’ll be more formal elements such as service levels and risk assessments for filming.

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So, you’ve signed-off your video and you’re ready to share it with the world. Your video files will be delivered in MP4 format unless specified otherwise. And in addition to the agreed files and various length edits, we supply ‘social edits’, which are much shorter edits that fit social media formats. It’s time to stop people in their tracks.

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You might already have a plan in place or perhaps you want our marketing team to work alongside you. We’re always ready to support you in the deployment of your video. As a professional video production agency we can create a testing and placement strategy to help you get the best from your new assets and guide you on the performance stats that matter.

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Other Video Services

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Give your product or service a little extra character. Our animations powerfully combine eye-catching art with expert narration. That message is delivered in a super engaging way.

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Logo Sting

Your logo is part of the personality of your business. It’s how you’re recognised. So, stand out by adding some animation to your logo. There’s emotion in motion.

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Can you show me? Explainers can spotlight your product’s features in a simple way, or just give your audience a better view of the detail. It’s the best instruction manual you’ll have.

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Custom Films

Of course, your business is unique. Our bespoke films are perfect for those businesses that want to go even further with their video marketing and connect with their audience.

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