Video Production

Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action!

Video production is always exciting – there’s something special about the camera crew turning up, setting up lights, and starting to film. Then there’s the edit, the effects, and the final cut – all leading up to the finished product, something to be proud of and shared.

Revive offer video of many types – from short corporate presentations, to full length product demos. Whether you just want to introduce your company – or would like to film your annual event, we are able to help.

Behind the Camera

Much of what we do with regards to video production is preparation. We never just turn up and turn on the cameras – we’ll always script in advance, check out the location, the lighting, the background noise. That way, there’s no surprises on the day, and we have the best opportunity to get it right first time.

We only use experienced camera crew too; for larger jobs we have a trusted pool of associates who can join us for additional cameras, audio/visual, or specialist lighting. Our teams are able to advise on the shoot day, and can assist with media training. Present your company in the best possible light – talk to us about video production now!

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