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If you think of a recent advert you saw that caught your attention, chances are it was a video. Whether it made you smile, laugh, think, or desire a product – video has the power to make you ‘feel’ something.

Revive produce company intro videos, product explainers, social media adverts, news announcements, or anything you want your clients to see. And although we’re not doing big Hollywood-style productions, you can be sure that the videos we create scream excellence.

Cameras ready, locations scouted, all you need to do is discuss the project with us, and we’re ready to go. It’s what we do. Capture your next video with the Revive team.

Fabulous clients we work with

Why Video

Video works – it has higher engagement on social media, it requires less commitment from a website visitor, and it can communicate an idea in a way that just isn’t possible in static images or written text. It helps that it’s often quite fun to produce as well – and we enjoy the theatrics and drama that go along with the story-boarding, the lighting, choosing locations, the actual filming and the creative flair that can be added in the post production.

We understand how much impact a great video can make – and we love helping our clients achieve that impact.

What do our clients say

"We first approached Revive Digital with a very specific brief for our new website & branding. As Photographers we wanted a website that looked sleek & professional and a logo to match. The site needed to be essentially image based to promote the work that we do but compatible with modern browsers & search engines. Revive Digital worked very closely with us throughout the entire process, advising us at every stage, sending us sample web pages for approval, and responding promptly to any requests we made for changes or amendments. Since its launch, our new website & logo have received a lot of very positive and complementary feedback from our clients and is helping to generate new business for the studios. Revive Digital have given us excellent support since the site was launched and have been more than co-operative in accommodating our requests for changes and additions to the site to keep it fresh. We have been very pleased with the service we received and would have no hesitation in recommending Revive Digital for rebranding & web design work."

Mark Benson


Maybe you need an advert for YouTube or Facebook? Or even just looking for a video to accompany your website – the Revive team are ready to help. Get in touch with us about video, today. Fill out our contact form below.