Who We Are

Why Revive

Your website, your brand, your logo, your colours. Your letters, business cards, your packaging, your lorries, your cars. Your advertising.

They all make a statement about you.

Revive isn’t just websites, or graphics. We’re not just keywords and acronyms. We understand. We seek to learn what makes you tick, and what your customers see in you, and want from you. We visualise you, your vision and message, and we monitor, analyse and improve, constantly, consistently.

We’re your partner. We don’t work for you, but we do work with you. We’ll be clear – and we’ll tell you if something isn’t right. We’ll always listen, always help. We won’t try and do anything we’re not really good at. When you work with Revive, you expect excellence, clarity, and results. We deliver.

How We Work

We ask a lot of questions. We produce plans. We explain why, and we don’t use jargon.

We make sure you’re happy with what we are going to do, the cost, and the timescale.

We communicate regularly. We select the team most suited to your project and we schedule the work or campaign. We time-track, and log everything. We present, and review, monitor, and measure.

And when you are happy – we, too are happy.

Our Blog

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Life is trying things to see if they work.

Ray Bradbury

Meet the Team

Phil Thomas


James Higgs

Head of Creative

Rosie Wallis

Head of Digital Marketing

James Fryer

Web Developer

Andy Mayes

Senior Web Developer

Mandy Davis

Front End Developer

Lauren Seaton

Front End Developer

Ellise Collins

Graphic Designer

Harry Hughes


Rhys Ruffell

Web Developer

Bella Fisk

Account Coordinator

Natasha Lenska


Lee Eric Delos Santos

SEO Executive

Lloyd Parkinson

Content Marketing Executive

Lawrence Wood

Amazon Specialist

Lauren Cusack

Office / Marketing Assistant

Callan McFarlane

Marketing Executive

Matt Lyle

Content Marketing Executive

Darrian Swift

Graduate Developer