Digital Marketing Terms Debunked


Recently had a meeting with a digital marketing agency? We bet you were bombarded with seemingly random three and four-letter terms, right? We feel you....It probably seemed like a crash course in learning a foreign...

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What the Hell is a Backlink?


'I just got a backlink!' 'Oh no. Are you ok buddy? Want me to have the kids while you get down the clinic?' Bursting with pride your agency tells you they've earned you three backlinks...

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Amazon Advertising. Is It on Your Radar?


Last time our intrepid Amazon explorer Lawrence Wood cleared a path through the jungle of information to talk about how you should be using Amazon if you sell a product online. Now he's back to...

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Should I Be Using Fulfilled By Amazon?


To everyone else he's Lawrence Wood. Here at Revive he is known as ‘Mr Amazon’ (or sometimes, as leader of the "A" Team, we call him Hannibal Smith). And for any Amazon sellers wondering if...

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How Better Content Creates More Conversions on Amazon


Better content creates conversions. Yeah, never heard that one before... But stick with it. Because if you're thinking about selling on Amazon you'll be creating (or having someone create for you) product listings with content...

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Should I Be Selling on Amazon? Probably


It's the biggest company in the world isn't it? No, but it feels like it. At $321.8 billion annual revenue Amazon only comes a paltry third place, behind China Petroleum and Walmart in the list...

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Navigating The Storm: How to Manage a Social Media Crisis


They say that when "it rains, it pours"... And if you’ve ever had to deal with a social media crisis, you’ll know that feeling. If you haven’t, then you’re in the right place. The good...

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On Writing Your Email Subject Line


Picture a TV preacher (Televangelists as they are known) opening their show. They're up on a huge stage, mic in hand. There's the intense lighting, the energy, the music… … and then the opening line...

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The Psychology Behind Using Emojis in Digital Marketing


Looking to get more creative and liven up your digital content? ? Yes, the funny, quirky and, at times, misread little faces can make all the difference to your digital marketing efforts. We're not just saying...

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The Humble Email Newsletter… Should You Be Doing It (Better)?


…and off it goes. You’ve just sent the weekly/monthly/when-you-can-ly email newsletter. And for many businesses creating an email newsletter might look something like this… You grab a bunch of stuff from social media Find some...

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The Greatest Social Media Moment of 2020: BrewDog vs Aldi


We're all familiar with Aldi, right? They're a German-owned supermarket chain with over 10,000 stores and a huge line of their own food items and beverages. But they also stock a number of alcohol products...

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How Do You Identify Your Target Audience?


‘Sand? Seriously? I’ve got loads already!’ said the camel and walked off with the hump. So, where did our sand seller go wrong? Ultimately the seller didn't address one important question - how do you...

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The Most Important Traits to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency


Finding the right digital marketing agency for your business and its specific needs is integral if you're looking to maximise your digital potential. But, digital marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, possessing particular...

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What Are the Advantages of Segmentation?


When you talk to marketers about how to promote a business you will probably be told about the advantages of segmentation. It's one of those marketing strategies that looks at winning the war, not just...

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What’s The Difference Between Push and Pull Marketing?


The world of business is flooded with buzzwords and jargon, which are used to describe a range of different commercial actions and disciplines. Marketing is no exception when it comes to this rule, especially in...

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The Greatest Halloween Marketing Campaigns of All Time


Ghosts, witches, skeletons, treat or treating, etc. Halloween is best known for the cultural diversity it brings with itself, and businesses grasp this day as an opportunity. They seek maximum chances to leverage Halloween for...

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AI in Marketing. Do the Robots Come in Peace?


You assume this blog, AI in Marketing, was written by a person. But in reality you probably won't know if what any of what you've read online today was written by a machine or a...

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Do You Make These Mistakes in English?


Do you make these mistakes in English?  Yes, our headline has been shamelessly swiped… Copywriter Max Sackheim wrote the above to sell a mail order grammar course, around 1919. It became a control* for 40...

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How to Develop a TikTok Marketing Strategy for Your Brand


New to the world of social media and wondering if TikTok could work for your brand? With over a staggering 800 million monthly active users and an impressive daily view time of 52 minutes per...

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…on the Power of Creativity in Business and Marketing


‘I wandered lonely as a cloud…’ begins Wordsworth’s most famous poem. Subtle and intense, it’s a classic example of creativity (although in the digital age Wordsworth might have written 'in the cloud’). But can exploiting...

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Is it Fanaticism or Social Acceptance? Why Do Consumers Buy From Certain Brands?


We all like to think that we are in charge of the decisions we make every single day. But, for anyone who knows about social science or the psychology of persuasion will be aware that...

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Just How Important is User Experience?


In the digital world there is always a lot of focus on driving engagement and traffic. Companies focus on things like SEO, paid search, social media... but how important is user experience (UX) in this...

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92 Days of Working from Home, Here’s What We Got Up To


For employees, COVID-19 meant remote working was a new reality and one that took some time getting used to. And many believed that not being in the office together would mean less brainstorming, bouncing ideas...

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Creating Brand Affinity When There’s a Content Overload


Creating a deeper connection to your customers through brand affinity is vital. But think about this… There are 30 blog posts published every second.  That means your blog, even if it’s the best piece of...

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