Five Signs You Need a New Website


Anyone in business should be very aware that having a website is one of the most important factors of your marketing. Living in such a digital age, not having a one will make you almost invisible to...

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Advantages of Video Marketing


It’s truly amazing to see how fast technology has evolved over the span of the new millennium. We’ve jumped from brick Nokias to high powered smartphones in the space of a decade, there are children...

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Is Your Business Ready For Summer?


We at Revive are certainly feeling the heat right now (I’m currently writing this blog with the fan on full blast and nursing a fairly painful sunburn…), but we aren’t letting some sticky weather stop...

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The General Election and Targeted Marketing


Let’s talk Election. With the votes counted, a new government being formed and campaign posters now lining every landfill, we have some time to reflect on why the Conservatives didn’t get the landslide majority predicted...

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The Low Down on Logo Design


Whilst trying to have some “family bonding time” last weekend, my brothers and I rummaged through our parents’ loft and discovered all the old board games normally only reserved for tipsy Christmas evenings. There was...

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Make Mobile Work for You!


Did you know that, on average, we spend the equivalent of 23 days per year using our smartphones? No wonder people are constantly telling you to put it away at the dinner table! Such small...

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Search Engine Ranking- A Beginners Guide


Did you know that the modern day search engine has been around in one form or another for almost thirty years now?  Gone are the days of angrily leafing through the Yellow Pages when looking...

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You’ve Got Mail! Running a Successful Email Campaign


It’s hard to believe emails have been zipping from computer to computer for nearly forty years now! While we’re well past the days of humming to the dial up tone and waiting for AOL to...

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Infographics: What You Need to Know


With any form of marketing an effective use of visuals is key. Say you want to get a fairly sizeable piece of information to your consumers but would rather not post or send a novel...

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What is your Social Media Missing?


Checking social media has become a daily necessity for many of us, as how else would you find out about your boss’s holiday or which celebrity has just died? You are probably already aware of...

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Business Lessons from the London Marathon


On April 23rd this year, 40,000 competitors descended onto the streets of the capital to compete in the world-renowned London Marathon; taking on a 26.2-mile route. And while I could spend all day musing over...

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General Election 2017: What Marketers Should Consider


Just as we were getting bored of talking about Brexit, Theresa May announced a snap general election to polarise the British public even further. How many public votes do we need to realise we can’t...

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United Airlines PR Faux Pas


In case you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of days and have somehow missed the United Airlines PR debacle, I’ll quickly run you through the details. At the start of the week...

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The Best Big Brand April Fools’ Day Pranks


Thanks to more big brands having in-house creative teams and close working relationships with agencies, coupled with the ease of distribution with social, each year we’re seeing April Fools pranks becoming more and more popular...

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Why Viewability of your Advert Matters


With adblocking dominating the digital sphere for much of the last 2 years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find available advertising space online that allows for proper viewability of adverts. It shouldn’t take a scene...

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Is Your Website Still Working for You?


So, you have a website, that’s great! But it was made in 2005, that’s… less great. Having a website in 2017 is certainly an essential for every business, regardless of size; but just having a...

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Business Cards: The Top Trump of Your Marketing Deck


I know what you’re thinking, business cards? A top trump, huh? No, really. As process after process has been digitalised I can understand why many people have put business cards on the back-burner, and resigned...

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The Rise of Reactive Marketing (and its Benefits)


The rise of social media has been a global phenomenon, so far reaching that no industry has been untouched by its stronghold. Under the tyrannical rule of social media, digital and content marketing have undergone...

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Build Your Brand Brick by Brick Like Lego


Lego; the name is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, translating to “play well”. It’s the mantra that has motivated the Danish company since its conception in 1932. The last 15 years...

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Why Your Brand Needs More Purpose


Nike are supporting equality, Maltesers are campaigning about disability, McDonald’s recycling initiatives are aiming to send zero waste to landfill. This Girl Can. Dove proudly showcases positive body image, L’Oreal are championing male beauty bloggers,...

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Can British Brands Survive the Post-Brexit Era?


Yup, we’re talking about the ‘B’ word – Brexit; you know, just in case you haven't heard enough about it in the last year. While we know that the EU referendum result has polarised and...

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Is Your Smartphone Listening to You?


It started with oats. New year and a new us, the Revive team decided to take on a group diet with one of the stipulations being oats for breakfast. It was harmless, a little office...

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Revive’s Charity Challenge!


So, it’s a new year and new us here at Revive. Now that the end of January is near, and we’ve put 2016 safely behind us, it’s time to share some Revive news with you. In...

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It’s a Blackout for the Piccadilly Lights


The Piccadilly Lights are arguably one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks, as well as a globally-recognised advertising space. The famous lights are set to undergo a redevelopment that will give new brands a rare...

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