Infographics: What You Need to Know

With any form of marketing an effective use of visuals is key. Say you want to get a fairly sizeable piece of information to your consumers but would rather not post or send a novel length chunk of text that you know no one is going to read. How can you make your ideas more exciting to the average viewer?  Using more infographics might be a good place to start.

So, what specifically is an infographic compared to any other image? Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Essentially, it’s a visual representation of a concept that can be presented to consumers, and is one of the most appealing ways of getting your ideas out to a wider audience.  Used as part of a well-crafted content marketing strategy, they can help promote your business in a number of ways: from helping with brand awareness, to boosting views on your social media pages.

So, let’s see how some well-designed infographics could benefit you!

Importance of Content Marketing

You probably already know about how important content marketing is when it comes to trying to grow your brand. Having easily accessible and sharable content online is one of the best ways to stimulate interest and get your business seen by the widest audience possible.

It’s been shown that over a longer period of time, return on investment for content marketing can be better than pay-per-click and sharing posts online can assure more inbound link clicks, therefore helping website growth in the long run.

As part of this it’s important to keep your social media strategies fresh and to stand out as much as possible. On these sites, you are presented with such a large and constant stream of information that it can be quite overwhelming at times. Infographics are bright, simple and to the point, helping your message stand out from the sea of other posts. Their very nature makes them easily shareable, meaning they are a must-have in your content marketing arsenal!


Images will always have the edge over text alone as the human eye processes visual stimulus a lot faster than textual. As a result, infographics are up to thirty times more likely to be read than text articles. So, what can you do to make the most of this?

Infographics themselves can serve a number of different purposes to benefit your business. From having your business’s logo which helps brand awareness to adding links which can increase website traffic, the creative ways that can be used to further your marketing is boundless! Since they are one of the most concise ways to present information they can shake up your regularly posted content and make your social media streams a lot more visually appealing.

From being able to stand on their own as well as complimenting text posts, to simplifying and livening up drier/less interesting content, why not give it a go?

Building Effective Infographics

You want to build the best image you can to present your information, but how should you go about it?

Unlike a lone picture accompanying a written source, an infographic must express the whole message in a single image and be appealing enough for the consumer to want to peruse the whole thing. There is no one way to make the perfect infographic as everyone responds to different visual cues, but emphasis can be placed on a few key areas.

Keeping it simple is probably the most important thing. If your graphic is too busy or complicated, it misses the point of being something that’s supposed to be easily digestible. Making sure your information is well organised is crucial, as well as not drowning it too many different colours. It’s best if people don’t get migraines when thinking about your work.

Also, think about what your focus is. Where is your eye drawn first when regarding different infographics? The title? The logo? One of the pictures? Decide what the main purpose of this graphic should be and build around that. It isn’t going to be an effective marketing strategy if the only thing people see or remember about it is the crazy font choice.

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