Content Marketing and You


Let’s talk marketing. You might have the most wonderful idea/product/service to offer the public, but trying to get people to notice can sometimes feel like screaming into an empty void. Unfortunately, there is no one simple solution or quick fix to get yourself seen by more people, as a good marketing strategy has many different aspects to it. This blog post would be reaching War and Peace levels of words if I were cover everything at once, so for now, let’s look at one key aspect of your plan: Content Marketing.

A Beginner’s Guide

Content marketing basically covers any aspects of your marketing that involves creating and/or sharing relevant material online. For the most part, it shouldn’t be specifically about your brand, rather about things relevant or interesting to your business and the audience you’d like to reach.

Researching the news surrounding your chosen field of business is something you should already be doing, and sharing that information with your consumers is a great way of showing how well informed you are as well as making you more of an authority in that area.

Just pushing constant advertisements won’t get you as much recognition you might think. Content marketing helps you actively engage with your consumers as well as diversify your posts, making them a lot more interesting in the long run.

Content Marketing on Social Media

For content marketing, social media is king. This can be the quickest and easiest way to spread relevant news and stories.

For example, on our own Facebook and twitter pages, we don’t always post about the work we’ve been doing, but also about interesting digital marketing news that we find and think our followers might like to see. Doing this helps keep interest high in our own brand whilst also showing that we’re aware of what’s going on in our field of business.

This also applies to the blogs that we post, which you’ll known if you’ve taken a gander through some of the others on our News page.

The Importance of a Blog

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: while it might not sound it, a blog is VERY important. There’s a reason we post weekly and there’s a reason that you’re reading this right now! Regular blog posts can do so much for your website with 77% of internet users reading blogs, and companies with blogs having up to 97% more inbound links!

If it’s well-maintained, not only can it drive more traffic to your site, but also help boost your SEO as you can push different keywords each time you post. Writing with authority can also help position your brand as a leader in the industry and make you a valuable source of information to your consumers.

If any aspects of your marketing aren’t working for you, then make sure to give us a shout! Or to see content marketing in action, check out our Facebook page