When is it Time for a Rebrand?

We all love classic designs and logos, but even the most popular businesses and sites find themselves updating their look now and then. Like with anything in life, your business will grow and change over time and a rebrand can be the best way to reflect that. Your brand is what can give customers a sense of trust in your business, so keeping it up to date and professional is crucial. It can also open up a plethora of new marketing opportunities and even tap into some new audiences!

While it may seem like a daunting prospect, let’s have a look at all the ways a rebrand could help you!

Rebrand to set yourself apart

One thing that no one ever likes is being compared to their competitors, and a rebrand can really help in setting you apart. A vastly different look can emphasise the uniqueness of your services as well as showing that you like to stay up to date, never going stale. Having better overall designs than your competition also never hurts.

Rebrand to Find a wider audience

Rebranding is a way of starting fresh in a sense. A new look as well as a new direction can be the best way to reach a wider audience. One of the most classic examples of this is Old Spice. Originally seen as a fragrance brand aimed at much older men, it’s crazy 2010 makeover including new random advertising and pushed a new, energetic and sexier image leading to much wider brand recognition. It took advantage of the growing trends of the time including the evolution of viral online video and more off the wall advertising humour, helping with its major success.

Is there an audience you’d also like to tap into?

Rebrand to Build Interest

A rebrand can also help if you have new offers and services to showcase. If there’s something you’d really like to emphasise, then you can build your new designs around that aspect of your business. Plus, just having a slicker, more visually appealing design can bring more people to you. Twitter saw its number of users soar when they tilted their logo up slightly and smoothed out some edges. Think what a design change could do for you!

Rebrand to Stay up to date

As mentioned in a previous blog (read it HERE), it is so important to keep your marketing current, and giving your website a regular facelift should be part of that. You don’t want people to assume you’re stagnating or outdated, so keeping designs fresh is key in keeping interest high.

Like everything in life, businesses grow and evolve so consider where you are now, compared to where you started. Has your business ethos/goals changed? You most likely aren’t exactly the same business as you were then and you want your marketing tools to reflect that.

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