Five Signs You Need a New Website

Anyone in business should be very aware that having a website is one of the most important factors of your marketing. Living in such a digital age, not having a one will make you almost invisible to potentially thousands of web-browsing customers.

website design

However, creating a website is only the first step in achieving more brand awareness. Maintaining it should also be a necessary part of your marketing strategy as having a poorly designed or outdated site is almost as bad as not having one at all! Also, if your site isn’t being regularly updated then it’s increasingly unlikely that people will even be able to find it.

So, when is it time to update your website design? Here are some pointers

When was the last time you updated?

The first thing to consider is when last time you completely updated your website design was. If your site was made in 2005, then it should have gone through at least two or three design overhauls since then. Every three years is the general rule of thumb when it comes to website updates, as a fresh updated design shows that you care about keeping both your marketing and your company fresh.

Nothing will kill business faster than outdated information so make sure to do regular spring cleans of your copy.

  • Is the information still relevant?
  • Does it still reflect your business today?
  • Do all outbound links still work (i.e.  for your social media pages)

Is it mobile responsive?

More people than ever are searching on the go nowadays with the race to improve smartphone technology constantly speeding towards a never-ending finish line. Your website can have the slickest, most well-crafted website design out there, but if it isn’t optimised for mobile, then all that effort has basically gone to waste. Having a mobile site design not only opens you up to a lot more traffic, but it’s also great for SEO purposes.

Have you thought about SEO?

Have you checked your search rankings recently? A well-crafted SEO plan should be crucial to your overall marketing strategy, as no one wants to be stuck in the barren wasteland beyond page one of Google (other search engines available). The older your website and its content is, then chances are it isn’t SEO optimised.

You be keeping on top of your keywords and updating your content regularly to help push it up when people search. Potential customers are also way less likely to click off your site if it loads quickly which you can check here

If you’re confused about SEO, you can also check out our beginner’s guide here

How much website traffic?

One thing you should always be checking is your website traffic. There’s no point having that great design if no one is there to appreciate it. Luckily, you can do so with Google analytics which we can help set up for you! Besides showing who’s visiting your site, it can help track how they found your site, who’s spending the most time there and which other websites are sending traffic your way! With information like that, you can see if you need to tweak your SEO plan as well as discovering your target audience and how best to cater for them.

Is it a design you can be proud of?

And, of course, it all comes down to design. No matter how many people find your site, if the design is old, confusing or unappealing to the eye, then naturally no one is going to stick around for very long. Your site design should reflect the level of professionalism you have in your business as well as being easy to navigate. Luckily for you, we make bespoke, mobile responsive sites and can very easily hep you get your site on the right track!