Sell Sell Sell: E-commerce Websites

You have a product or service to push and you also have a website. Great! However, are you mixing these two successfully? Online shopping or E-commerce as it’s known, is a HUGE market these days, with the ability to order products and services from the comfort of your own home or on the go, being a luxury that many are now very much used to. Not having the ability to order online is almost the equivalent of not having a card reader in a physical store. If you aren’t taking advantage of all that an e-commerce site could do to help the spread of your business then you’re really falling behind of the times.

Let’s see how an e-commerce site could help your business!

Why is E-commerce so popular?

Why is buying online so popular? In short, shopping has changed with the times, much like everything else. We live in an age of digital convenience and the ability to order and browse without having to move from where you’re currently sitting/standing/lounging is one of the greatest conveniences of them all. It has vast advantages: giving your customers the ability to shop without the restrictions of physical opening hours; plus researching products online is so much simpler and quicker than trekking down to several different stores to compare prices. If you already have a website and social media channels then also giving people gthe opportunity to buy online can greatly increase your sales.


The growth of E-commerce has been huge over the past few years with online sales all over the globe predicted to reach 12.8% of all retail spending in the next two years! With more and more tasks able to be completed online, if you don’t want to be left behind in the market share, then the ability to sell over the internet is crucial.

Expand your customer base

The ease of being able to buy online is almost completely guaranteed to expand your customer base. Not having an online store is going to limit your customer reach as not everyone is going to want to physically travel somewhere to buy something, or even talk over the phone. In an age where everyone is doing EVERYTHING from talking, to streaming TV over the internet, if you aren’t becoming part of the online market then you’re going to get left behind.


It might seem complicated, but an e-commerce site is also great for checking costs. They are fully measurable so you can check every penny that’s being spent, how much you’re making from every sale, as well as which methods are making the most sales!

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