Make Mobile Work for You!


Did you know that, on average, we spend the equivalent of 23 days per year using our smartphones? No wonder people are constantly telling you to put it away at the dinner table! Such small devices have revolutionised the way we absorb information nowadays, as who doesn’t whip out their mobile while waiting for a train or to avoid making awkward small talk with that random guy at the bus stop.

It’s almost hard to believe that the all-encompassing reign of smartphones is actually a fairly recent phenomenon. Many of us still have fond memories of playing snake on our old black and green Nokia screens and having to wait until we could use the computer room at home to search for things.

Unfortunately, many businesses still aren’t tailoring their websites and marketing for mobile use. Since so many people are now searching on the go using their phones, if you aren’t optimising your business for the smartphone and tablet using community then you’re really not keeping up.

Let’s see how we can make mobile work for you!

Mobile-Responsive Website Design


If your website isn’t optimised for use on a smartphone or tablet, then there’s hardly any point having one. A desktop site cannot function in the same way as a mobile site as these are two very different platforms. What you need is a responsive design that can automatically adjust to the size of the screen that the site is open on.

Despite the smaller size, people using your mobile site should still be able to complete some tasks with the same ease as if they were using their computer. Buttons and extensions should be well placed and easily clickable and, since whoever is browsing is already using their phone, a click-to-call feature for phone numbers isn’t a bad idea.

Also, one thing that can have people clicking off your site before giving it the time of day is if it takes too long to load. No one likes hanging around while things buffer, so don’t bog your mobile design down with large files and images.

Mobile Advertising


It’s not just about tailoring your website for mobile. It’s also important to devote some time to thinking about advertising on smartphones as well, with there being a number of options to explore. One thing you can do is use display adverts that target people on mobile websites or even within specific apps!

You can also target people via their location since the whole point of having a mobile is that they are indeed mobile and you can take advantage of that!

Working on the Smaller Screen


When it comes to designing for mobile use, one thing that should never be forgotten is that people aren’t using a phone the same way they use a computer. People scroll faster and space is much more limited so you have to optimise your use of design very efficiently. When advertising, stick to short clear phrases to get your point across, along with bold accents to catch the eye. Present your point concisely and have a bold call to action.

Still stuck when it comes to optimising your marketing for smartphones and tablets? Have a chat to us and see how we can help tailor your site for the smaller screen! Also, check out our Facebook page for more helpful insights!!