The Low Down on Logo Design

Whilst trying to have some “family bonding time” last weekend, my brothers and I rummaged through our parents’ loft and discovered all the old board games normally only reserved for tipsy Christmas evenings. There was the usual fodder of Monopoly and Pictionary, but we found ourselves enjoying a rather competitive round of “The Logo Board Game.” While there’s always arguments about the exact rules, it basically boils down to who can name the company just by looking at the logo. However, when playing, we noticed something interesting. While, to us, almost all of the logos were at least recognisable, we found ourselves only being able to properly name a handful of the actual companies. Why was that?

As humans, we are very visual creatures, and can often commit visual stimulus to memory a lot more quickly than textual; it’s why some learn better with images and spider diagrams rather than notes. We recognised the pictures as logos that we’d seen before, but trying to pinpoint what the company did by an image alone proved a little more difficult if it wasn’t made obvious. So, when it comes to choosing a logo for your business, are you creating an image that will both stick in your consumer’s mind and showcase the purpose of your business?

What is a Logo?

The dictionary definition of logo (abbr. logotype) is a graphic representation or symbol of a company/business…designed for instant recognition. There’s the key: INSTANT recognition. A logo has to go beyond just an image and become something synonymous with your brand. So, first things first, think what your business does and if there’s a symbol that you believe could represent that service.


What goes into a good logo design? Like with most forms of marketing, there isn’t a magic formula to make the perfect image for your brand.
Brand titans such as Apple or Windows have the power to take the image of a fruit or some coloured squares and make people instantly think of their business, but do you think you can?
There are however a few guidelines we can point out.
The main thing is that it should be simple. Stick to a scheme of MAXIMUM four colours. You don’t want something that is instantly going to give whoever is looking at it a headache.
Pick simple shapes and images as well. Anything too complicated will turn people off and give the impression of an equally messy business. Also, while you want your logo to reflect the work of your company, it doesn’t have to have a crazy deeper meaning.

What Does it Mean?

For example, have you ever wondered about the bite in the Apple logo? Many people believe that it’s a reference to the inventor of the computer, Alan Turing, biting into a cyanide-laced apple to kill himself, which would have been wonderfully poetic if chilling tribute to the man. Sadly, real life is never so interesting. According to the logo designer himself, it was added simply so that people wouldn’t confuse it with a cherry. While it’s not an exciting reason, the bite did help the image become a well-renowned icon. Simple, classic and instantly recognisable. Everything needed for a great logo.

Companies are constantly re-branding themselves to showcase where their business is heading; is it time for you as well? If you’re looking for logo help then make sure to have a chat to us about your ideas! Also, check out our Facebook page for more helpful insights.