Trump: The Power of Personality


Was it the hair? The misogyny? The xenophobic, racist or homophobic ideals of Trump that caused the American public to vote in their droves on November 8th? Honestly, as a left-wing humanist (or hippy as...

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What’s Your Favourite Illustration?


Last month, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of MR. MEN and LITTLE MISS, Royal Mail released limited edition souvenir stamps. And it got us talking about iconic illustrations that we’ve come to know and love....

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Marketing: Be Loud, Be Proud or Get Lost


I think it’s fair to surmise that it’s never been harder for advertisers to obtain and retain consumer attention. We’re living in a time of fetishized connectivity, where digital devices are an extension of our...

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Rossi: Check Out Our Latest Scoop!


If you live in Essex, then you’ll know of Rossi’s Ice Cream - aka one of the few famous things us Essex lot are proud of. Since I consider myself an ice cream connoisseur and...

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Could Your Marketing Benefit from a Monster Energy Drink?


Could your company benefit from a rabid audience that exhibits unwavering customer loyalty? Then your business could definitely benefit from a Monster Energy drink– well, their marketing strategy at least. When it comes to conceptualising...

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3 Unpublicised Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media


Did you know that over 67% of consumers now head to social media for customer service? If your business isn’t online, it needs to be; it’s as simple as that. The world isn’t going digital,...

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Why it’s Vital to Contextualise Your Logo


The dictionary definition of a logo is ‘symbol, sign or emblem’; but any business owner, marketer, advertiser, designer, creative, artist (the list really does go on) knows that a logo is so much more. Your logo...

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3 Misconceptions About Marketing to Millennials


‘Millennials’ - the advertising buzzword, creating a never-ending head-scratch for marketers across the globe. Millennials, millennials, millennials – how can we market to this lucrative generation? Wait, first of all, who are millennials and why...

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Apple: iPhone 7 and Customer Care


So it’s that time of year again, the time every tech-head is eagerly awaiting. Yup, that’s right, Apple’s annual San Francisco event where the newest must-have technology is announced. Okay, so it’s not the most...

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Peak Video: The Golden Age of Podcasts


2015 was the year video came to life. Did you think video was only cats and babies on YouTube? Think again. Up until 2015 video was an untapped channel of content waiting to be shaped...

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Duo: Google’s FaceTime Killer


Damn Google, back at it again releasing duplicate software. It all started with Skype in 2003, when the slow-death of dial up was enough to prevent anyone from using internet dependent products. Despite patchy connections,...

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Pokémon Go: An Effective Marketing Tool


Pokémon Go has captured the world by augmented reality storm. In its first week it became the most popular game of all time, surpassing app giants such as Facebook, Tinder and Twitter. In fact, Pokémon...

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Dear Joe Bloggs


How many of the regular spam emails, which grace your inbox on a daily basis, open or close with a personalised message? Gone are the days of ‘Dear Customer’, now fervently in its place email...

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Rebrand: 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs One


First off, what is a rebranding? Simply put, a rebrand is when a company, business or organisation changes a significant element of their identity – be that their logo, name, colour scheme or even a...

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Logo Design – What is it worth?


Ask any designer what they think about sites such as regarding their logo design and I can almost guarantee that you will get the same disgruntled look that I’m wearing just thinking about them....

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4 ways remarketing can boost your business


There’s no getting away from it. Re-marketing is everywhere we look. How many times have you been reading your Facebook news feed and an ad pops up from a website you were viewing just hours...

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How Entrepreneurs Get Ahead: Part 2


In the last post, I posed a question: How can you understand and predict the future success of specific innovative ideas? Well, as any business leaders and entrepreneur knows, getting people on-side with new ideas can be...

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How Entrepreneurs Get Ahead


A large part of success comes from innovative ideas. Movies would have us believe that these ideas can only come directly from the mind of geniuses, and that to truly innovate, we need to wait...

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Will computers be smart in our lifetime?


Back in 2005 I first heard the term ‘smartphone’. Instantly I imagined having my own personal ‘Kitt’ inside my phone. Unfortunately the ‘smartphone’ was not all it was cracked up to be… Who pays attention...

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The art of SEO


Right now, as we speak, the world is locked into one of the most important conflicts in recent human history. It is a war of words, thoughts and ideas. But… for the purposes of keeping things...

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The language of money


In business, some language is quite good, and some language is very bad. By this, I don’t mean the typical ‘bad’ (ie. because the words are ugly or offensive). In business a word is bad...

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The easy way to grow online business


According to the Centre for Retail Research, every 30 seconds, £781,237 ($1.2m) is spent through e-commerce around the world. More than that, the e-commerce market in the UK has grown by over 16% in the...

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A digital horror story!


If I told you that there are billions of creepy crawlies all over the world that aren’t found in any biology book  – tiny little monsters so small you can’t see even them but so...

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Some things everyone should know about websites: Part 2


We, humans, are lazy. We have a limited capacity to concentrate and focus. Just ask anyone who is reading a complicated textbook how difficult it is not to get distracted by even small things, and...

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