Business Cards: The Top Trump of Your Marketing Deck


I know what you’re thinking, business cards? A top trump, huh? No, really. As process after process has been digitalised I can understand why many people have put business cards on the back-burner, and resigned them to the backseat as an archaic formality from an era passed long ago.

But, hold up. The humble business card is still a key player for any serious businessperson, especially when it comes to networking face-to-face. There are, in my opinion, a myriad of benefits for sticking to the trusty business card; these however are my top five picks:

1. Swapping Details Digitally is Impersonal

Picture the scene: two people, taping away on their phones – not a word or eye contact shared; while it’s not unusual, it’s certainly not memorable either. And after a personal pitch information from the exchanged business cards can be easily transferred to a mobile  – in fact there’s even apps for it.

2. They are Still the Most Effective Direct Marketing Tool

There are lots of ways to market yourself and your business: email marketing, SEO, paid media – and they all do a fantastic job of attracting leads and conversions. However, nothing can beat a face-to-face, hand shake, seal-the-deal encounter – of which can either be catalysed or sealed with a well-designed business card.

Also, potential leads and contacts can happen at any time, in the queue for coffee, whilst waiting for a train or at happy hour on a Friday evening – arming yourself with a business card will ensure that you’re always equipped with the tools to utilise every situation! Keep some in your coat pocket, wallet and bag to be prepared for your next encounter.

3. A Business Card is the First Impression of your Brand

When you’re making a business connection with a potential lead, you want them to leave with the best first impression possible – and when they leave with your business card, that is going to act at the visual representation and reminder of that encounter.

4. Creative Business Cards get Shared

A serious shop wouldn’t create a store front sign from cardboard and sharpie, so a serious business card should have a seriously thoughtful design behind it. The business card is a physical reminder of your business, so it should reflect your company and its branding.

The more creative your card design, the more it’ll stand out from the stack and the more memorable it’ll be; and if your card is really aesthetically pleasing, it’s likely to get shown around as a party piece.

5. Business Cards Show you’re Prepared

How often have you experienced someone scrambling to write information on a nearby napkin? Has your phone battery ever died at an awkward time? Even outside of business areas these occurrences come across as unprofessional, and between a scrambling individual and a someone swiftly whipping out a business card – who would you want to do business with?

Fear not. Conversations will end with “let me give you my business card” for a long time yet.

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