Green Marketing and Branding – The Ultimate Guide


Environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important to both brands and their consumers. So, what is green marketing? Find out, right here.

Blue Planet II. A series that sparked a world-wide mission to rid the oceans of plastic waste. No one could have predicted the impact that the programme would have, but all over the globe, viewers were in shock at the sheer amount of plastic waste polluting our seas. Sir David Attenborough himself, even gave a heartfelt message, about the crucial stage we’re at. And when Attenborough tells you to do something, you do it…

With the ever-rising levels of plastic and pollution plaguing our planet (oooh, look at that alliteration…) more and more companies are taking a greener approach to their business to reduce their environmental impacts. Whilst green marketing is not that new, you still may not have heard of it. However, in the world of business, especially in recent times, it’s becoming essential to make sure your company is environmentally conscious.

Why? Because not only will you be saving the planet, you’ll also appeal to a wider audience through your effective green marketing strategy. A new generation of those calling for environmental sustainability from the brands they buy. It’s not a trend, and it’s not a fad. It’s where the world is heading, so, to get ahead of your competitors, get there sooner. You’ll be doing good for your business saving the environment too.

If you’re looking to learn about green marketing and sustainable business practices, we’ve got everything you need to know, right here.

What is Green Marketing?

Sometimes known as eco-marketing or environmental marketing, green marketing is about marketing products and services in a way that highlights the environmental benefits of using them. This can be products that:

  • Aren’t single-use, throwaway items
  • Don’t have unnecessary product packaging
  • Are made from a renewable source or recycled materials
  • Can be recycled
  • Are produced in a sustainable way
  • Aren’t going to pollute or be toxic to wildlife

And for those companies that don’t have a product and offer a service? Well, for you, it’s a little different. You’ll be doing a bit of green branding, which involves making sure that you do everything within your power to reduce your carbon footprint and waste to be more environmentally friendly. If you’re a driving service, like a taxi company, are you using hybrid cars with less emissions? For those based in an office, are you making sure your paper is recycled? If you are, then make sure it is known to your customers – because this is green branding and environmental marketing. It’s about companies becoming more aware of their social responsibility and understanding the environmental impact of some mass production.

Why go Green?

Aside from the fact it’s beneficial to the future of the planet, that future generations will inherit, going green means that you’ll appeal to more to consumers. More and more people are becoming environmentally aware, and they’re looking at products that are sustainable, green and eco-friendly. Like we’ve said, you may say an increased influx of business, if you’re promoting your brand as green, because people care about the future of the planet. It’s emotive advertising in a way, which really hits home to some consumers.

According to The Balance: Small Business, 55% of consumers were willing to pay more for eco-friendly products – and this was in 2014, before Blue Planet II. Further data found that 52% of consumers check the packaging, to see if the product is sustainable. So, if you think going green might be a detriment to your business, you’re wrong… Your marketing campaigns can feature a little bit of green in them, like some of the big players in the world of business…

Green Brands

Some of the most successful companies across the world have gone green or made steps to become more environmentally conscious. Here’s some well-known brands that practice sustainable development and utilise green marketing and branding.

– Apple

Whilst you may not actually know Apple as a green company, they do a lot behind the scenes. They’ve invested over $1billion, in a deal back in 2015, with First Solar – a renewable energy lead. In America, Apple use First Solar to power everything – their offices, shops and more. Now, whilst some may consider Apple devices as a ‘throwaway’ product (as everyone seems to get a new one every year!), the brand has taken strides to make sure that they are recycling their devices. Apple Giveback calls for customers to return their products in exchange for some money off their next purchase. Then, the materials used are recycled by Apple. Whilst Apple may not be very forthcoming with how green they are, they’re doing their bit – which is the least all businesses should be doing for sustainable development.

– Adidas

Another company that is utilising green marketing for products is Adidas. This brand in particular have teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, to release a special product that is sustainable and is helping remove plastic from the oceans, at the same time. Yes, titled Adidas X Parley, the environmentally friendly product is a running shoe made from recycled plastic from the oceans. Adidas marketed this collaboration in a way that emphasises the way they are saving the environment and the greenness of the product, ensuring that consumers know that the product is made from recycled plastic materials, from oceans. You can see Adidas’ advert, below.

– Lush

Finally, another household name that is known to be environmentally conscious and create sustainable products is Lush Cosmetics. Lush proudly create environmentally friendly, ethical products, free from harmful and toxic chemicals and pollutants. All of their packaging is eco-friendly too. They’re a leading cosmetics company, whose success has come from their green practices. Like Apple, Lush utilise a recycling programme, that gives you money off for recycling old goods. And, they promote their sustainable business practices through their green marketing strategy.

How to be a Green Business

If winning over new customers and saving the planet sounds appealing to you, then you’ll need to start your green marketing/branding journey. There are a few things you can do to make sure it’s known that your products/services are green.

1. Support a Cause

If you don’t have a product that is eco-friendly, consider supporting a cause. Many companies invest in charities or even fund their own efforts to help the environment. Your work can be promoted on your website.

2. Invest

Could you replace your products with a greener option? Investing in concepts of green marketing will be the future of your corporate social responsibility, so why not get ahead and invest early today.

3. Your Staff

Emphasising the importance of being green to your staff is great, however, you need to practice what you preach to improve your business. If you’re committed to saving the environment, then you should ensure your staff are too (in the workplace). Make sure there’s recycling and discourage wasteful plastic products. Replace plastic cups with reusable ones, and water bottles with water coolers. You can use social media to show how your staff are committed to going green.

4. Speak to Revive

If you want to start marketing your business to emphasise your environmental awareness, we can help with your green marketing campaign. We’ve had years of experience in digital marketing and know what works and what doesn’t. Our work in branding and copywriting ensures that your green business will be presented in the way you want. Whether it’s subtle like Apple or well-known like Lush, you can bet we’ll market and brand your business in line with your vision.

Save the planet and help your business thrive. And remember, going digital saves paper… So, start your effective green marketing strategy and improve your business with us today. To discuss your green marketing strategy, call the Revive team, or drop us a message – we’re not fussy how you get in contact with us.