Mark One Hire

Mark One Hire

Thinking of hiring a tool for the weekends DIY tasks? If you are based in Southend (like we are) – your first thought would probably be Mark 1 Hire.

Established in 1981, Mark 1’s selection has grown from a handful of hand tools to now include powered access and light plant machinery. Alongside the tool hire team, Mark 1 launched an accompanying training centre – specialising in IPAF, SPA and PASMA training, amongst a plethora of other courses.

The Mark 1 website was built on WordPress, but included some advanced and bespoke functionality that assist users in navigation.

The search bar operates an auto-complete, guessing what the user is searching for before they have even finished. In addition, the search bar saves all searches – if Mark 1 notice that a particular tool is searched for more than others, they’ll look to increase their stock, likewise if users consistently spell something wrong, they’ll add the mis-spelled word to that product – ensuring that other users can find it.

Like many of Revive’s website projects, the time taken in the early stages reaped benefits during the ‘go-live’ phase – seeing an impressive improvement in organic visibility.

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