How to Boost Email Marketing Conversions & Engagement


Looking to make sure your email marketing efforts aren’t wasted? Want to create emails that are opened, read and have the all links clicked on? Look no further! We’ve got all you need to know, right here!

With the swarm of GDPR emails you’ve been receiving, you must be pretty sick of looking at your inbox. That’s because, there is a right and a wrong way to email your customers. From ‘GDPR standard email’ to ‘Please don’t leave us :(’ etc., we bet you’ve seen it all lately. Some might have been good but judging by the flood all of us here at Revive have received, it’s about one in a million. See, some of these companies aren’t utilising their email marketing effectively – especially at a time where it is needed most.

But why? With GDPR, all your data can be wiped from a company’s database and you now have to opt in to receiving offers and promotions from these brands. So, if they want you to stick around, they need compelling email to keep your data on their list.

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So, how do you boost email engagement? What makes a user go from ignoring an email to opening, scrolling and clicking left, right and centre? How do you turn an email into a conversion? One way to win over your customers is with the language, design and everything else you use. Yes, utilising the right copywriting techniques and more is the key to get recipients to interact with your emails!

Want to find out how? Best keep reading then…

5 Tips for Email Marketing

Here’s our top 5 tips to boost your emails’ engagement and conversions!

1. The ‘Write’ Stuff

Yes, one way to boost your email engagement and conversions is to utilise engaging copywriting techniques. One of the first things email recipients will see is a preview of what the email is about. This comes before the design preview and before they even click to open it – that’s why it’s essential to get it right.

The headline of your email will be the first thing a consumer reads, so it needs to grab their attention. You need to make it clickbait-esque. By this we mean, make it tempting, make it funny, make it interesting and even make it weird. Anything you can think of to get the recipient to click on it. You need to pull them in with something good and relevant to the contents of the email.

It’s a great chance to get creative with your copy, both on the headline and in the body of the message. It needs to read well and be to the point. If it’s promotions or offers in the email, make sure that it’s clearly highlighted. The tone of your copy needs to match your branding, so don’t do anything out of character… Whilst it’s great to get email conversions, something too clickbait like is not good. Always make sure your headline is relevant to the rest of the copy in the email.

2. Lookin’ Good

So, you’ve pulled them in with your snappy and captivating copy, but if they open the mail and it looks a bit ****, you’ve lost them… You need to ensure that the design of your email looks as good as your copy sounds. It needs to be laid out in a way that not only matches your brand but makes sense too. Use bold images and your brand colours so your recipients immediately go ‘hey, that’s (insert company name)’.

When creating your email marketing campaigns, make sure they’re compatible with mobile devices, and that you’ve made a design for both desktop and handheld devices. Otherwise, your email is going to look so messy – and no one likes a messy email. Make sure the design is sleek and complements your brand and business. Using the right email marketing tool with a design feature built in can help you create beautiful emails – but we’ll get to those tools in a bit…

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3. Irresistible Email

Another key thing to remember is what’s the purpose of your email? Why is it important enough to send to a consumer’s inbox? You need to send them an offer or something they can’t refuse and resist clicking on. Whether you’re trying to get them to read a blog or use a discount code, every email needs to have a purpose in mind. You need to provide your recipients with something useful. In terms of blogs, the information has to draw them in, enticing them to click. For promo codes, make it something unique to them – something that your recipient will use! If a blog/offer is that good, they’ll click on it with no hesitation. So, only send out things that are irresistible – make sure the copy and the design match the offer on hand. ENTICE YOUR READERS!

4. Tell ‘em what to do

Okay, this isn’t as bossy as it sounds… You need to use a CTA, Call to Action, in your email marketing campaigns. This direct approach will inform the recipient that the email demands a response (well, not demands but you get what we mean…). CTAs are proven to boost engagement as they gently nudge the reader to interact – social media accounts use these all the time (‘comment your favourite colour on this picture’ etc.). It’s a way to maximise the potential engagement of an email. Adding a CTA will help your recipients interact with your mail and boost conversions and engagement. Use CTAs like this:


Yeah, something like that should work (only if you’re offering a discount code or marketing tips though). Remember to personalise your CTA to your email and brand.

5. Don’t go in Blind, again

There’s nothing worse than having an email marketing campaign that flops but you don’t know why. Luckily, there’s loads of email marketing tools (we’ll get to that) that allow you to measure and track data. You can see the success or failures of campaigns – how many people opened, how many people clicked the links etc. By monitoring your success, you’ll understand what might work better in the future. You can use the data to refine your target list as well as optimise your future campaigns too. Looking at all the analytics and data can help you refine your next email marketing campaign and boost conversions.

Email Marketing Tools

Told you we’d get there… If you’re looking to kickstart your emailing marketing campaign, there’s a whole host of great tools you can use to begin. We’ve got our favourite 10, and all the added benefits, in the video below. So, give it a watch!

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If you’re unsure about doing this all on your own, don’t worry – the pros are here to help. Yes, because we do all things digital at Revive.Digital (clue is in the name), we can create a winning email marketing campaign for your business. All you have to do is ask… Give us a call or drop us a message to find out more!