Graphic Design Dispute


Among the many MANY things we talk about on this blog, one thing that should never be under-emphasised is the importance of your visual aesthetic. When people think of your brand, the first thing that’ll come to mind besides your name is probably your look. When you hear the word Microsoft, you can’t help but have those coloured squares float around in your mind, or Facebook and that shade of blue it basically own now. So, with the importance of visual stimulus, are brands treating the people that create their visual work the right way?

The Design Business Association recently finished their annual survey and found that many clients are underpaying for graphic design services, with the majority of designers ‘still working for free on a Friday,’ with the annual recovery rate averaging out to only 78%.

Why is this?

While there are a number of underlying reasons, from last minute changes to work, or not being payed for any additional changes or revisions to projects, it can basically be boiled down to what each company considers billable work and keeping a better eye on when designers are exceeding the limit of work the client has payed for.

The solution?

How many time have you struggled in Pictionary or seen a really good piece of art and answered with “I wish I could draw.” This is the exact reason we hire people to do the drawing for us in business. Considering half of us in our office could barely figure out how to sign our name on a drawing tablet last Christmas, without our own graphic designer our own design work would probably look something like this:

(My skill with Microsoft paint knows no bounds)

The DBA offered several solutions to the problem, the main one being that brands must make sure that designers are getting paid for ALL the work they do. Clients should always be aware of any extra work that may be needed so they can be billed for the correct amount. No one wants to do a few hours of solid work without getting paid, and graphic work is no exception

While in house we’ve never had any issues with clients paying for the graphic design work, it’s dissapointing to see so many skilled professionals not being properly recognised for the work they do.

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