Back to School/ Back to Work Digital Housekeeping

You may have noticed an influx of uniformed children on your commute recently… along with a few more raincoats. Yes, sadly summer has come to a close and everyone is kissing goodbye to their holidays and doing the sad shuffle back to school and work as the weather turns colder. As this begins a new term for the young and a new quarter is creeping up soon for those in business, this provides the perfect opportunity to do some digital housekeeping that may have fallen by the wayside during the summer months.

Website Cleanup

As we move into the final part of the year, there’s probably a few cobwebs that can be blown off some of your website pages. It’s easy to forget how big a website actually is, with probably dozens of pages dedicated to the different aspects of your business, especially if you offer a lot of different services. Every few months it’s good to have a thorough read-through of your entire site to make sure all your information is up to date and accurate, as well as assessing what might be good to add or change.

Maybe adding a breadcrumb at the top of each page for easy navigation, or putting links to your social media pages so your customers can really keep up to date with everything going o surrounding your business.

If you’re stuck for ideas, make sure to check out our previous blog on good website features HERE. 

What’s Digital Goal?

There’s just under four months of the year left, so as we enter the final quarter it’s always good to assess how far away you are from reaching the digital goals you set yourself all the way back in January. While the beginning of the year might seem like a lifetime ago now, the goals you set yourself then should be just as relevant now. If they’re looking unlikely, this isn’t the time to feel defeated or panicked. Just set yourself a few that seem more realistic or see if you can put yourself on a path where you might still be able to achieve those goals. Was it to get a certain number of clients? Plan a rebrand? Send at least ten email campaigns?

SEO Check

It’s always good to check your search rankings regularly, especially as we near the end of the year. If you aren’t keeping up with SEO then you can find yourself slowly slipping down the search results until you’re in the digital graveyard beyond page one… or maybe even further!

Worry not dear reader. Performing a few SEO housekeeping tasks isn’t complicated, like making sure your content is full of relevant keywords and you’re investing enough in Search Engine Marketing so you’re getting seen.

For more information, you can check our beginners guide to SEO HERE.

If you’re having trouble with any of these, make sure to have a chat to our expert designers and digital marketers by calling 01702 619139, or visit our Facebook page for more helpful insights!