“Let Me Give You My Card”… Your Brand Collateral

What’s the best way to get your brand out there and noticed by the public? Making sure you’re top of search engine results? Social media campaigning? A functional website? The answer is yes to all of those, but since we’ve covered all of those quite recently, let’s have a look at something more physical- your brand collateral. This includes all physical media used to promote your brand i.e business cards, letterheads, pens, mugs… anything you can print your logo on and share with the public.

These are some of the most effective ways to get your brand stuck in people’s minds, so investing time and care in designing these items is important.

Plus, it feels really cool to hand out pens with your business name and number on it…


In an age where everything we do and share is digital, from talking to each other to signing contracts, handing over something physical is strangely becoming something of a novelty. While business cards aren’t going away any time soon, despite the low cost to produce them as well as personalised letterheads and pens, they can be some of the most memorable things about your brand, especially when introducing it to new people.

Establish your brand

A business card, a pen or even a company mug might be the first impression that someone gets of you, so you better make them count. By having your logo, slogan and phone number on your business on your collateral, you’re making your brand more easily identifiable by reinforcing your image and ethos to anyone who sees them.


Having something small, portable and professional looking on you at all times is the perfect way to spread your brand. You never know when you’re going to want to share your details with someone and this way, you don’t have to rely on grabbing the nearest scrappy piece of paper to scribble your details on. A business that looks prepared and that has quality items to share is going to get a much better reputation.

Creativity gets shared

By their nature, business cards are something easily shared, but something creative, colourful or even humorous even more so. Don’t limit yourself to just your logo and phone number. While those aspects are probably the most important when getting people to contact you, adding a funny quote or image is something that’s going to get you remembered.

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