92 Days of Working from Home, Here’s What We Got Up To


For employees, COVID-19 meant remote working was a new reality and one that took some time getting used to.

And many believed that not being in the office together would mean less brainstorming, bouncing ideas off each other and collective problem-solving.

But that was completely the opposite when the Revive.Digital team worked from home for 92 days. Here’s what we got up to during the national lockdown.

image with a text ninety two days of lockdown

Daily Zoom Meetings

Over the period of national lockdown, we had to ensure we could have an effective means of “virtual” communication. And, of course, Zoom was the answer. We have really appreciated the benefit of being able to see each other and our clients onscreen during the times where face to face meetings were not an option.

revive team zoom meetings

International Haikus Day

To keep spirits high, our creative team were thinking outside the box and trying to come up with some cool ideas for our social media channels. And, then one of them lightbulb moments happened. Our graphic designer (Ellise) discovered that International Haikus Day was coming up.

So, a few members of the team came up with their very own Haikus and our Head of Creative (James) then drew caricatures to accompany them.

cartoon images posted in instagram

We Launched a New Brand: Leigh Construction

During lockdown, one of our long-standing clients asked for us to create a new brand, but for their new sister company ‘Leigh Construction’.

We believe that when brands have an adjacent company, the logos need to reflect each other, follow the same style but have a different colour or symbol to differentiate. This way, the whole brand looks cohesive, and there’s a clear and consistent style that runs throughout.

The client was pleased with the branding and asked for us to create business stationery too, so it was another project we are more than happy to put our name to.

leigh construction logo image

Our New Head of Digital Marketing Joined

Working from home obviously came with its own challenges. But can you imagine starting a new job during the national lockdown? Well, that’s exactly what our new Head of Digital Marketing did. You can find out more about Rosie’s experience by clicking here.

revive head of marketing image

We Introduced Fancy Dress Friday

As we approached the 7th week working from home, we were constantly coming up with new ways and ideas to boost morale in the ‘virtual’ workplace. So, we introduced a Fancy Dress Friday challenge to keep the Revive.Digital spirit alive.

We Launched a New Website: Wren Packaging

Wren Packaging have been a client of Revive.Digital’s for a few years and wanted to refresh their website and brand. Their new logo was designed by our graphic designer, and we ensured we kept the new website design best suited to their new logo and colour scheme.

With their website, we wanted to showcase the services that they offer as well as their portfolio of work. The approach that we went with for the website was to make sure the website is clean and easy to navigate while showing off their line of business.

May The 4th Be With You: International Star Wars Day

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way…George Lucas introduced Star Wars!. The timeless stories are just as relevant and enjoyable as they were all those years ago. So, to celebrate International Star Wars Day 2020, our super talented Videographer created this rather fitting video…

Some of The Team Checked-in With Each Other

Over the national lockdown, our team made sure that they kept in touch with one another. But, sometimes, our daily Zoom calls just didn’t cut it. So, some of our team decided to have socially distanced catch-ups to see how each other were getting on.

black and white photo with a text quarantine catchup

We Cleaned Our Local Beach For International Environment Day

International Environment Day is one of the most renowned days of the year when it comes to environmental action. So, when this day of the year came around, we knew that we had to do our part. Some of the team decided to head down to Southend seafront armed with some black sacks to remove the rubbish that had been sadly left there the day before.

Our graphic designer (Ellise) was one of those who decided to part of the beach clean. Here’s why it meant a lot to her:

During lockdown, keeping the team morale high was sometimes difficult, and in retrospect, it’s probably because we were all so used to working together in the office by bouncing ideas off each other and was now being so isolated and separate.

The weather was beautiful at the time, and I remember reading a Facebook post by ‘Your Southend’ about the number of tourists that flocked to Southend beach and left so much rubbish.

World Environment Day was approaching so we decided that a few of us should meet at the beach (socially distanced of course) and conduct a beach clean together.

We had 6 of us, and 2 Revive-lings (Rosie’s daughter Dot and James’s son Felix) joined us as well as other half’s, and we got to work! We had our Videographer film the expedition too to produce into a video to raise awareness on Revive.Digital’s social media platforms.

I think it’s something we should really get behind more as a company for sure, perhaps a monthly thing! Even if it’s during a weekend, and get our clients involved too. It was an enjoyable thing to do with work colleagues, and it’s helping our local environment too! A win-win situation!

revive team post in instagram cleaning in southend beach

We Launched a New Website: Weston Financial Ltd

Weston Financial Ltd is a small family run business in Essex, providing a down-to-earth and personal approach to business finance. They came to Revive.Digital to upgrade their website and to make it fully responsive.

One of the main aspects of the site was to have an online application form to help their customers apply for a loan within minutes. One of our talent Front-End Developers, Lauren, worked on this project. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Weston Financial was one of my favourite projects to work on because it is so modern and fresh. It’s surrounded by a lot of white space, so the text is clear and easy to read but this also allows for all the images and call to actions stand out evenly. 

Overall, I’m really happy with the design and build of the site as it’s so easy for the client to find the correct professional information that Weston Financial supplies for them in seconds. 

We Launched a New Brand: Breley Design

As a long-standing client of Revive.Digital, Breley Design wanted their website, brand and business stationery refreshed! They had a vision in mind with wanting their branding to take a subtle nod to Scandinavian design, with their pastel colours, geometric illustrations and abstract typography.

Focusing on these elements, both our Head of Creative (James) and Graphic Designer (Ellise) worked together to create a selection of logos, and after a few amendments, the brand really shone through and was something they were both really pleased with.

James worked on the type primarily, where he took a san serif, blocked font and cut elements away from the letters, to create a bespoke abstract font.

Whereas Ellise mainly worked on the business cards, where it was agreed with the client that there would be a different illustration on each of the business cards, representing the 3 areas in their business (Interiors, Residential and Commercial).

Each illustration was based on the same grid and wrapped around the card from front to back. To differentiate further, a separate pastel colour was used for each, where pastel lilac, green and yellow was opted for.

breley design logo image

The Team Collaborated For The New Revive.Digital Website

Whilst all of the team were working on various client work; they also come to together collaborate on getting our new shiny website together. Our 2 Content Marketing Executives crafted all of the new content, and our Videographer captured the perfect imagery.

At the same time, our developers were busy building the website itself whilst our graphic designers crafted the perfect icons that perfectly align with each service we offer.

Here’s some of the new photography that we’re going to include on the new website.

revive team working image

A Goat Joined Us for a Zoom Call (No, We’re Not Joking)

We were wrapping up another week of working from home when things took a little bit of a strange turn during our end of day Zoom call. Lisa, a hungry and demanding goat from Cronkshaw Fold Farm joined us while we debriefed each other on a Friday afternoon.

revive team zoom meeting in a pink background

And… We’re Back in The Office!

So, after working from home for 92 days, we’re happy to say that the Revive.Digital team are back in the office (socially distanced, of course). But how does the team feel about being back after such a long time? We thought we’d create a video so you can find out.