What’s Your Favourite Illustration?


Last month, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of MR. MEN and LITTLE MISS, Royal Mail released limited edition souvenir stamps. And it got us talking about iconic illustrations that we’ve come to know and love.

Design Week even went and asked some designers about their most memorable illustrated character – and we thought, hey that’s a cool idea.

So I decided to do the same. I asked around the office what everyone’s favourite animated or illustration character was – whether it was from a programme, game graphic or even an iconic company mascot. And this is what I got:


“SuperTed.. I liked watching it as a kid, because it was good. And stuff.”



“Doug – because he has skinny legs like me!”


“From: My Neighbour Totoro

Reason: It’s a freakin’ cat bus!”



“Pocahontas – she was my favourite illustration growing up!”

James (the one that actually draws illustrations!)

“My favourite illustration is Felix the Cat, such a simple design with an abundance of character and emotion is something that can quite easily be overlooked. Felix was the first character from animation to attain a level of popularity sufficient to draw movie audiences. Originally created in the silent film era in 1919, the character is still one of the most recognised cartoon characters in film history.

Oh and my son is also called Felix… hands down winner!”



“Roger from American Dad or Woody from Brickleberry..

Interesting how a cartoon can say/do things that an actor would be lambasted for.

How people can sometimes perceive animation to be less challenging/offensive, and how sensitive issues can be broached with more success and security to the writers/actors than if the character was cast/filmed.”


“Gotta be Randy Marsh because he’s just the embodiment of the saying that parents are just children who had children. They use it throughout the whole series in the ridiculous and over the top way that South Park always does and it never stops being funny.”



“One of my favourite characters growing up was Bartok, Rasputin’s sidekick in Disney’s Anastasia.

Although he was the villain’s minion, supposed to be evil; I always felt he was more misunderstood rather than evil – being caught up in the wrong crowd. Plus, he always made me laugh, making light of Rasputin’s evil schemes!”


“Gromit is probably mine; I’m a crazy dog lady. He taught me that no matter the stupidity of the people surrounding you – never give up.”



“Mighty Mouse, he’s pretty much the only one I can remember right now.”

James 2

“Pingu… because I like skiing…”



“Popeye single-handedly motivated me to consume vast amounts of spinach with the intention of becoming the ultimate beefcake in school. Didn’t last very long but nevertheless the fictional sailor played a huge part of my childhood and has taught me of how to be a proper man.”


“I love Dory from Finding Nemo. She’s a loveable character who’s possibly one of the funniest in the film. Even though she suffers from memory loss she still manages to survive everything on her own and most importantly makes the audience laugh throughout the film.”



“My favourite illustrated character has and always will be Misty from the original Pokémon TV series. I grew up on this show, every single morning I’d be downstairs like a shot to watch it and her character was a big reason why.

I liked there being a female character who actually got to go on an adventure, get in on some of the action and brow beat the main character when he needed it. She wasn’t just a sidekick, she had her own goals and motivations and I’m not going to lie, there were actual tears shed when she left the series for good. I also love a good pair of braces… there’s a reason she’s my default Halloween costume and not just because we both have red hair!”



What’s your favourite illustration?