Revive: 2016 in Review

Annndddd that’s a wrap!

As 2016 slowly pants to a close we’ve been thinking about 2016 and everything that we’ve accomplished at Revive. It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs; and while a lot of people can’t wait to ring in 2017, we’ve quite enjoyed 2016.

We put together some of our highlights, because… well, we thought you could do with some positive reading before the year is out.

Design in 2016

Our in-house designer James is a brooding artist and as a result dislikes all of his work; we however think everything he touches turns to gold. For instance, we absolutely loved this brochure James made for our client Sternberg Reed.

It’s clear, aesthetically pleasing and is perfectly in-line with Sternberg’s branding. They loved it! (FYI our extremely talented designer Mandy also made their website which is fabbo, check it out here).

Social Media in 2016

Since June, we got really social, especially on Twitter. In 6 months, we sent 347 tweets and gained 323 followers… which is a 78% increase. I knew the cat GIFs would work.

In fact, September 2016 was our best month to date. Through Twitter we made 125,100 unique impressions, which equated to 4200 per day! Wowza.

The tweet that garnered the most engagement was promoting a blog we wrote about the iPhone 7. It was engaged with 21 times, and reached nearly 3000 people. Apparently controversial opinions about big brands grab attention… read it here.

Before our 2016 social media push, during an average month on Facebook we would reach between 90-100 people. In December, our posts have already reached over 800 unique users.

Websites in 2016

This year we’ve had the pleasure of working with a plethora of cracking clients, and building websites that even Tim Berners-Lee would be proud of. While every website poses a unique and satisfying challenge, there was one that stood out.

When Essex royalty Rossi Ice Cream approached us to redesign and build them a new website, we were chuffed.

Working together we created a mobile-responsive website that not only showcased their growing stature, but also echoed their rich heritage.

More notably, we came to blows with the very real difficulty of photographing ice-cream. Have a click around their website here. Shout out to our designer Jamie for this beautiful website and Adam for his brill photography skills.

Digital Marketing in 2016

As we all know, the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google results; so, it’s no surprise that SEO is the acronym on everyone’s lips.

Thanks to our marketing team, the Revive website has risen 25 spaces in Google for the search term ‘Web Design Essex’. AND we’re now occupying the top spot for ‘Southend Web Design’. Wish your company website would do the same?

In terms of Google AdWords, in 2016 we generated over 10,500 e-commerce transactions and 2,344 leads for our clients. Damn Gina.

The Team

This year the team has expanded larger than ever before. The marketing department alone has gained 3 new specialists.

Very Important Mentions

Every year great things happen that can’t be categorised. We thought it was very important to mention that in 2016:

  • Google sent us very important digital marketing equipment, which James used as a football and became the second ever person to enter the accident book.
  • Phil became obsessed and spent valuable time making not one, but two, very important optical illusion dragons.
  • Pete finally washed his mug.
  • When we went for a very important corporate all-you-can-eat buffet that Abdul mistook for an eating competition, destroying 7 plates of food in the process (this was debatably the biggest achievement of 2016).

Here’s a picture of the team enjoying our Christmas celebrations. We’re so glad absolutely everyone from the team could make it.

[Note: for comedic purposes this is not a real representation of our Photoshop skills]

So, what’s the moral of the story? Even “the worst year in record” was great at Revive. Maybe your 2017 resolution should be to work with us…