Sternberg Reed

Sternberg Reed

Ok, we have to be polite about all our clients – but really, Sternberg Reed were everything we look for in the perfect client. A great law firm, based in Barking – with drive, determination, and professionalism.

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Sternberg Reed approached us with a requirement for several websites, themed on their various areas of legal specialism. We’d love to take credit for the well structured, beautifully organised websites that rank top of Google that we created – but the client did all the heavy lifting. We just built them. I mean, we built them really well…

Note to other clients. If you can turn up at our offices with all the website text written in advance, photos preselected, marketing keywords researched, and a clear website hierarchy already constructed – we’ll think you are amazing. Because that’s what Sternberg Reed did – and with that level of organisation, it’s no surprise they are a successful, growing, award winning firm.

Of course, we don’t expect all of our clients to be that organised – and we’re very happy to do all the above. But when a client is that organised, it frees us to focus entirely on the website build from the outset – and the result is quite spectacular.

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