When we were asked to rebuild JEGs’ website, and integrate it with their warehousing system – we rose to the challenge. 50% rise in sales I hear you say? Yes. You heard right.

JEGs are a leading electrical and homeware wholesaler in the South East.

Working with JEGs was a great example of teamwork – their marketing team driving the requirement, our tech and design teams driving the design and build. The end result surpassed expectations – and has proved to be a platform from which the client can drive growth.

The project was particularly technical – with the need to integrate with a customised back-office management and warehousing system. We wrote feeds, and feed handlers. Lots of XML and C# – that’s cool tech stuff for the uninitiated.

We built the website in several modes – customer facing, company facing, and sales-rep facing – each with differing requirements. Each was mobile responsive, and designed to be great on a tablet (as many of the sales reps were using them). It was a great project to work on, and one we could really get our teeth into.

Did we mention the 50% rise in website sales?

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