Crown Vocational Training

Crown Vocational Training

Every day is a school day. Particularly when working with Crown Vocational Training, a specialist in apprenticeships and work-based learning and development.

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Revive worked closely with Crown Vocational Training to bring their website up-to-date with a modern new mobile responsive design, and all new content. Working within the existing brand guidelines, we crafted a functional, easy to use website aimed at both learners looking to develop themselves, and employers looking to implement work-based learning or employ learners!

As with all of our website projects, we started by creating a site hierarchy, based on our initial consultation with the client – then visual mock-ups of the main section pages. Once these were signed off, we proceeded to test build and provided the client a test ‘work-in-progress’ link. Next the content and imagery went in – and once it was all there and agreed, we went through pre-live flight testing.

Our pre-launch testing is extensive, and includes browser/device testing and various other technical but uninteresting-sounding tests. Once everything was signed off, we pressed the button – metaphorically of course. Sadly, there is no actual website launch button.

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