Searching For More Views? This Month’s SEO Scoop

You know what we never talk about on this blog? SEO. Yes, we might sound like a broken record here, but talking about the importance of search rankings is always something that bears repeating, especially as there are still so many businesses fretting because they can’t seem to get their pages out of the phantom zone beyond the first page or two of Google’s search results (Other search engines available).

How can you become king of search rankings? Let’s have a look at some stats…

If you’re confused about the basic ins and outs of search engine ranking then make sure to check out our how-to guide first.

93% of Online Experiences Begin with a Search Engine

Let’s start with something simple yet huge. Search engines are BIG BUSINESS. There’s a reason that Google is currently the second most valuable brand in the world, only having gained more clout as a behemoth company since its inception 19 years ago. No longer do we live in a world where we have to rifle through the yellow pages or, god forbid, look in books to find what we need.  The human mind is infinitely curious and we now have the tech to satisfy those curiosities, so if you’re not making sure your marketing is optimised for search, then you could be missing out on potentially thousands more customers. After all, how many people have their favourite search engine as their home page?



75% of Users Never Scroll Past the First Page of Search Results



It’s a fact that many of us just assume we’ll never find an answer if it isn’t in the first page of search results and who can honestly say they found the service they were looking for on page three of Google? Many consumers associate high search rankings with quality and that those are the results most relevant to their query. If you’re not on the first couple of pages of a search then, too many, you might as well not exist. Once you have a top spot with certain searches, you should make sure you’re maintaining it.  As with all forms of your marketing, SEO has to be constantly checked and updated so you don’t find yourself slipping down the search rankings until you’re back in the black hole beyond page one.



Search is the #1 Method to Drive Traffic to a Site


Search results are 300% more effective at driving people to your site than social media. While we are certainly not saying to stop working on your social media channels and focus solely on SEO, if you can get your website on the first page of search for your chosen terms, then you could increase your reach exponentially.

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