Creating Your Professional Brand Image

Image is everything.

While it’s a phrase that might sound superficial, when it comes to business, its 100% the case.

While ultimately the quality of your service/product will keep people coming back, it’s your brand’s image that’s going to entice them in the first place. Nothing turns potential customers off faster than an unprofessional-looking business. So how you look and present your brand is crucial to staying afloat.

There isn’t a step by step formula that will spell success for every business, as each brand is built up of different building blocks of design and ideas, but there are a few things to think about before you start putting pen to paper.

Let’s have a look at what you need to think about when creating your own professional image.

Brand Guidelines

Whether you’re rebranding your existing identity or building from the ground up, setting out your brand guidelines is crucial. These basically do what they say on the tin, i.e. are a set of rules/ideas that shows your plan and how your brand will work. Choosing strong ones is crucial, as well as making sure that everything is covered before you start designing/building.

From your mission statement, to your colour palette, right down to your letterhead designs, it all has to be here, ready and clearly mapped out for the journey ahead.

You can’t start an essay without a plan, nor can you build a skyscraper on a flimsy foundation. Your branding should be the same, so make sure those guidelines are thorough!


When it comes to cultivating an image that not only oozes professionalism but also that will stick with people, making sure you’re on top of your logo design is crucial. Business titans like Apple and Microsoft have shown they have the branding power to make the ordinary pictures of an apple or some squares, world famous images through some ingenious design choices.

When it comes to making your own logo, the key is instant recognisability, simplicity and message. This one small image is going to be plastered over all of your assets, your website, even your stationary, so choosing a design that will stick with people and instantly conveys your brand’s message is paramount.

For more information on what goes into good logo design, see our previous blog about it HERE.

Get it out there

Once your brand is built, make sure all your assets are peppered with your new colours so you can get your brand out there. From your flyers, to your folders, to business-cards, all this brand collateral has to have the same slick look as the rest of your assets.  You never know how someone will find out about your business, so all your marketing tools must shine with the same level of cool professionalism.

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